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Headscratchers / Wonder Showzen

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  • Ok this headscratcher bothered this Troper for a very long time but... WHERE THE HELL DO THEY GET THESE KIDS TO SAY SUCH HORRIBLE THINGS ON THE SHOW?!? I mean they have real children between the ages of 5-8 saying things like "I saw daddy milking himself in the bathroom" or "Cows are reincarnated hindus". I mean seriously, those kids would be warped or in need of therapy for saying such horrible stuff.
    • I recall reading an interview where the producers say they just tell the kid to repeat them and it's okay to say the stuff just for the filming. They're all actors, I think they know right from wrong.
      • Hmm. I see what you're getting at, but saying "5 year old actors are adults" doesn't sit well with me.
    • A little kid might not know what "milking himself" means, since it's such an Unusual Euphemism. Also, their parents DEFINITELY had to sign release forms. And this is PFFR, which specializes in Black Comedy.
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    • Still, it's... odd, to say the least. When I saw it for the first time, I was like:" What the hell is going on?!"

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