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Headscratchers / Witch & Wizard

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  • Biggest thing that jumped out at me when I started to read this: How in the hell did The One Who Is The One managed to subvert/overthrow one of the most powerful and centralized governments on the planet with a totalitarian police state that makes Stalin, Mugabe and al-Gaddafi look like tame Pacifists by comparison? He's outlawed most if not all forms of creativity, be it the Arts, Writing, probably the Sciences as well; practicing any form is a capital offense. He's accomplished the feat of outlawing Religion in a country that's predominantly Christian or religious in some form, all while acting and behaving exceedingly like a certain Herald of a certain Satan in the Christian Mythos. He hosts public executions in stadiums, employs a KGB-esqe secret police, and regularly "disappears" hundreds of thousands of people on the odd suspicion they might be a witch or wizard. Despite all that he's somehow loved by the people that he's violently suppressing. Am I the only one who's running into a brick wall trying to wrap his head around this glaring impossibility?
    • It's clearly shown that The One Who Is The One has magic. It's very possible that he's using some sort of mind control on the government. Plus he's very politically savvy, uniting the people with fear, hatred, and someone to blame
    • The comic version showed that this was not a sudden thing but had in fact steadily gained momentum for years. The books didn't make the effort to establish that little background detail before shit hit the fan and so it remains a huge problem with them.

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