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Headscratchers / White Sky

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  • After Blanca and Toby get chased around by the evil rabbits in the corrupted imaginary world, Blanca is forced to leave, leaving Toby behind to get hurt by the rabbits. Or so we think. Until we meet him again, and Toby states that they couldn't hurt him because after all, they were imaginary, duh, and that it was still horrifying. So...Uh, what exactly happens to Blanca if she gets stabbed by Toby during the chase? Nothing, then? Toby can't actually kill her any more than she can kill him, so what happens when Blanca gets "murdered"? His mom was real back when this happened, but what about us, who are real but cannot be hurt directly? What happens when we get a "game over"? Heck, what does he do to torture us during the bad ending?

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