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Headscratchers / Wedding Crashers

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  • Exactly how did Sack find out who John and Jeremy were? They were using fake last names, and the "business" he uses to identify them was something Jeremy blurted out to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Is that detective a wizard?
    • It's possible the priest really did reveal everything Jeremy told him. After all, there's a reason Grandma grabbed a rifle. The legality of this is not clear, as Jeremy may have genuinely expected the rules of a confession to apply, even though the priest was, technically, "off duty".
    • Sack hires a private detective. While it's unlikely that John and Jeremy have been stupid enough to let a girl pick up their pants and look at their wallets or dig for ID, this appears to be the first time they've done the "Sunday after". Sack asks the PI to investigate who they are BUT Sack gets sick and really doesn't get a chance to focus on his request....the PI just gets a man in the Cleary house to get their real names and do a background check —— but the revelation (including the confession to the priest) comes more than a day later.
  • How did John and Jeremy crash the dinner portion of various weddings? In the montage at the beginning, they're shown several times eating with all the other guests. Surely it's impossible to crash a typical wedding dinner with name cards and assigned seating?
    • The boys seem to follow a pretty standard crash pattern....250 plus guest list (to ensure their ability to pass as family/invitees), ensuring they do not end up at the single's table (everyone knows who they are), and crashing weddings with "heavy appetizers" not sit down affairs —— we only really see them eat cake and appetizers anyway.
  • The real Head scratcher —- John and Jeremy seem to forget all the rules and have no plan going in to the biggest "crash" of all time e.g they seem to be oblivious as to family, they have no real back story (they make it up outside the church), and worst of all, they violate the worst rule —— they both pursue bridesmaids with a family connection to the bride (and sisters has got to be a major no-no as far as being caught)
    • This was going to be their last crash for a while (possibly forever), so it kinda makes sense in a way. If they get outed as wedding crashers this time around, it doesn’t hurt them as much because they’re done either permanently, or long enough to where most people would forget their faces.