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Headscratchers / Warlock

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  • So, why exactly is God's secret name "Roaisha"? What's the significance of it? Sounds like a girl's name..
  • Don't be sexist please. Who's to say that God isn't a girl? And besides there are lots of gender-ambiguous names like Ashleigh, Kim or Samus. It looked to me as though God's True Name in the book was Rodney. So saying Rodney backwards will blow up the universe? YENDOR! ... Oh would you look at that, we're still here. Guess Satan and the Warlock's brilliant plan wouldn't have worked after all.

  • If speaking God’s name backwards will unmake Creation then how would doing so be to the benefit of either Satan or the Warlock?
    • It’s said that doing so will advance the Warlock in the eyes of his father but how if they’re both destroyed along with everything else? Maybe Heaven and Hell will be left intact but if that’s the case then why doesn’t Satan just tell his son the True Name of God instead of sending him on a wild goose chase for a book he himself wrote?
    • Most likely Satan will be free to create the universe in His image after it's destroyed. Most likely He either doesn't know the True Name of God, or is forbidden from divulging it. Of course the whole concept of undoing creation will most likely spell trouble for the Warlock: he's a human, so his parents and ancestors will be wiped out as well, undoing his existence as well. He's either too evil to care, or foolishly trusts Satan to save him.

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