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Headscratchers / Wait Till Helen Comes

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  • Helen is said to be attracted to sad, misfit little girls. In every case, she offers to be their friend and gives them the locket, which gives her the power to lure them into the pond. But in Heather's case, the details tend to line up a little too neatly: they're exactly the same age, they have the same initials (which are also on the locket), they were both unhappy to have a new stepparent, and both lost their mothers under almost identical circumstances (both girls started house fires by accident, panicked, and ran away while their mothers died searching for them), which begs the question: is this all pure coincidence, or can Helen only steal away seven-year-old girls with the initials H.E.H. whose mothers died in fires? There can't be many children who tick all those boxes, and the book certainly implies that it's significant. Or did all the coincidences simply mean that Heather was destined to be the one who freed Helen? Because Molly did more heavy-lifting in that department; Heather was ready to follow Helen into the pond.
    • I think she probably targets people like her rather than be restricted. It's probably more a case the similarities between her and Heather are just coincidences but those coincidences are what makes Helen really try super hard to get her. As after many failed attempts she's probably thinking "this one is so much like me, it simply has to work".
  • The bodies of Helen's parents were never found because they fell into the cellar of the house where they were buried by rubble. Only after Molly and Heather fall through the house's rotting floor is Helen able to find the bodies. But Helen's a ghost who's able to phase through solid objects, and she's been wandering around the house and lake for a hundred years. Did she never go looking?
    • Even stranger, in the film version, the ghosts of Helen's parents are "trapped" along with their bodies in the cellar. Molly and Heather must open a trapdoor to free them, after which they come flying out. They're ghosts. If they can fly, why not just fly up through the floorboards?
      • WMG: Maybe ghosts in this universe don't have free will as we know it, but must "borrow" perception from living humans; otherwise they're automatons who can only repeat actions they knew in life. Helen couldn't reunite with her parents because she needed a live person to "find" them for her, while her parents couldn't escape the cellar because they were caught in their ghostly quest of searching the house for Helen, just as they were doing when they died.

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