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  • In "Ghost in the Lion", why is there absolutely no mention of the mother of Sven's baby? While the producers did not need to go into the full background on the relationship between Sven and mother of his son, the least they could have done is insert a reference to her in a line of dialogue, like one of the Voltron Force mentioning that she was told the baby was safe.
  • And just who exactly are Larmina's parents, distant cousins or something?
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  • What happent to Haggar? Why did she get turned into Haggarium.
  • It's stated and shown, time and again, that Vince has the power to nullify Haggarium and cure those who are infected by it, even a deep-sea fish about the size of one of the Lions. come Daniel can't be cured?
    • Rule of drama?
  • The show's first season ended in 2011, and it's almost 2014 now. When are we going to get a second season already!
    • From the sound of it, the rights to the toys went back to Toynami. Maybe the show was canceled, or maybe there's still red tape to be done regarding the toys.
  • After watching the series all the way through, then watching it over again some time later. I can't help but wonder about a certain detail in "Five Forged". How the heck could the Krelshi consider a selfish, shallow, glory hog like Daniel worthy of piloting Voltron?
    • Because the Krelshi look at the depth of the person not just their face value. I mean there could be one of the kindest people you ever saw, but underneath they are cold and hard and uncaring and only do things for the popularity. Krelshi could take one look at them and deem them unworthy. Yes Daniel is as you said but do recall there were a lot of times he proven to be noble and caring for his friends. When he first defended Vince in episode 1 to get the guy off the hook for helping him. And also when Lance gave Daniel his voltcom energy to preserve Daniel, the boy freaked out! It is possible that underneath that shallow act is some depth that hides a rather noble heart, like that of a lion. Cheesy, yes I am aware
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  • There's something that confuses me about the episode, "Rogue Trip". Dudley is a fanboy who's obsessed with the classic Voltron and his meant to be a Straw Fan version of critics of the show, but some things about him don't make sense in-universe. First foremost, why does his Voltron replica look exactly like the original Voltron design when is this show's backstory, the lions and Voltron never looked like that? A flashback with a young Wade showed they had their current look at his age.
  • Is this series a retcon/reimagining? The Lion Voltron is now spoken of as though it is the only Voltron. The Vehicle Voltron and everything associated with it is never referred to. Chip makes an appearance in "Brains" but he is never implied to be affiliated with another group of space explorers? Also, the Drule Empire appears to be centered around Lotor and previously Zarkon, as opposed to them being vassals of the Empire ruled by Emperor Zeppo in the Vehicle series. It's possible that the producers reimagined Voltron by treating the two Voltron series as an anthology (two self contained independent series) instead of a shared universe.

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