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Headscratchers / Vanilla Ice

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  • Why is Vanilla Ice considered a one-hit wonder? He had more US top ten hits than the freaking Who, for god's sake!
    • That sounds less impressive when you do the research and discover that the score is Vanilla Ice 2 ("Ice Ice Baby" and "Play That Funky Music"), The Who 1 ("I Can See for Miles").
    • Honestly, how many of his songs can you name that aren't "Ice Ice Baby"?
      • You'd be surprised at how many famous acts only had a single hit. Technically, Jimi Hendrix and Iggy Pop are also one hit wonders.
        • Justified in Hendrix's case, seeing as how he was dead at 27.
      • Ninja Rap. Many Ninja Turtles fans think of it before even Ice Ice Baby.
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    • It's probably also the internal small reference pool. The Who had songs that, while not hits, are memorable and notable. VI... not so much (unless you're already a fan).

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