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     Scandal Savage. Just everything 
  • I'm sorry, but while I loved Secret Six, and almost anything Gail Simone even touches, I just have to say that Scandal is one of the absolute dumbest characters in creation. Not her herself, just her existence itself. I mean, Vandal was stated to be Genghis Khan once! He should have millions of children! Why is Scandal so important? He wants grandkids?! WHY?! JUST WHY?! Why does he want grandkids?! He would have a problem throwing a rock, and not hitting an ancestor of him! WHY WOULD HE EVEN WANT ONE?! HE'S AN IMMORTAL! He doesn't need to raise a kid! Plus, even if he wanted to raise one, and let's humor it, why doesn't he just sire another kid?! Why does he give more the a crap about Scandal, when he doesn't to any of his other children. Ever. Hell, even her name is dumb. Scandal?! I know the guy who names himself Vandal Savage won't be subtle, but Scandal? That's just silly, even for comic books. Again, I love Gail Simone, and I don't personally dislike Scandal (I'm more neutral to her. She's the least interesting member of the gang, but that's because everyone else is awesome, and she even has her moments), but her existence just makes Vandal Savage go a full 180 that doesn't make any logical, or story reason.
    • Vandal is an asshole, he probably wants Scandal to have kids because she is gay and prove that every children of his better bow to his whim. Plus she is one of his few kids with some degree of power inherited.
    • Vandal Savage seems to have stayed around to raise Scandal and thus is pissed she's not doing his bidding. The having children element is probably plain old homophobia as well as just his general cruelty. Vandal Savage didn't so much get influenced by the patriarchy as he's probably the reason it exists in the DCU.
    • While it is likely that almost everyone on Earth is related to him in some way, the fact is that this is true of pretty much everyone on Earth as well- we are all related to each other. Yet this does not mean that our organs or blood are all equally compatible- the closer related you are, the better, and that holds true for Savage as much as anyone else. So it isn't unusual that Scandal or her immediate children would be more compatible that Bob down the street, even if Bob also has Savage in his family tree in 170 different eras. The only unusual thing about Scandal is that he could still be having lots of children the old fashioned way of course, so being slavishly dependant on her and her seed is still a bit unlikely, that much is true.

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