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Headscratchers / Uta no Prince-sama

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  • How the Hell did Nanami enter the school if she can't read sheet music?
    • I mean, she had an entrance exam and all. I can't imagine they didn't test her musical knowledge right. How in the world can you register in a course that'll learn you how to be a composer, when you can't read music sheets? How was she expected to share her future compositions? By just memorizing them? That way no-one but herself could play her songs anyways. It just doesn't make any sense.
      • Ask the anime staff on that since this question is one reason why I hate the anime. In the VN, Nanami didn't have any problems reading sheet music and can play the piano with ease - hell, she's a very hard-working composing machine which actually separated her from a lot of otome protagonists (though Nanami is still a bit clueless and trips over - it's nothing compared to the anime, and she does show a determined side when especially paired with tsundere boys like Tokiya and Ranmaru unlike the Extreme Doormat snowflakes you typically get). The anime butchered her personality to make her a generic shoujo otome protagonist.

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