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Headscratchers / Uplink

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  • If you look up your own name on the International Academic Database, it says you're a registered Uplink agent. Isn't Uplink supposed to be a secret, or at least underground, organisation?
    • I've always thought so. Usually after performing my first hack hack on the IAD and can mess around to my leisure, I tend to erase that little snippet and I don't think anything bad happened to me, probably because the Uplink organization is genre savvy and keeps records of who is qualified and who isn't.
    • Uplink Corporation doesn't seem to be particularly underground since they maintain a large web presence and run their own bank. They describe themselves as "bringing corporations together with agents who can work for them" so they probably pretend that their agents are just consultants of some kind to appear as a legit business. Merely being a registered agent isn't anything illegal, at least officially, but if you're caught hacking Uplink pleads ignorance and then fires you.

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