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  • In the segment focusing on the infamous disappearance of D.B. Cooper, one of the flight attendants who spoke with Cooper is interviewed on the show, and claims that she thinks one of the reasons Cooper has remained elusive is because the composite sketch is actually inaccurate. She then provides a better sketch of what Cooper actually looked like (the only real differences is a slightly rounder head shape, and a cleft chin). Here's what's odd, this updated composite sketch has never been widely circulated. If you look up any article concerning Cooper, you'll see the original two composites (one of him wearing goggles, the other without), but the amended composite featured on this show is never displayed. Why is that?
    • More like than not, the first iteration is seen as a more enduring image of the hijacker. It's entirely likely that professional law enforcement circulated the updated sketch, but to the general public the original sketch is just the most famous.
  • This is something I don't get about abducted people, both children and adults, that were featured on the show and whose cases remain unsolved. Why did these people not attempt to flee captivity or contact anyone? If this troper were ever kidnapped, the first things I would do would be to escape from my captors, contact the police and/or my family, and both of the above.
    • You might not be able to escape; and often kidnappers threaten to harm the victims' loved ones if they try.
      • Even worse, in all likelihood, these people were murdered the day they vanished and therefore couldn't escape and/or contact anybody. Stories of people being rescued after having been missing for years are wonderful, but they're the exception, not the rule.
  • The case of Matt Flores: Matt was murdered in the parking lot of a software company in California back in 1994. To this day, nobody knows who murdered him and why. In spite of twenty witnesses there and security cameras, no more evidence has surfaced. Now that brings me to a question: one theory is that the murder was done by a Professional Killer who may have mistaken Matt for their actual target. Why would a professional killer carry out a murder in a public place with plenty of people in broad daylight?
    • What really unnerves me about the Matt Flores case is why did the company Matt worked at refuse Unsolved Mysteries the right to show the security footage showing the vehicle that was following Matt, resulting in UM's producers having to do a recreation of the security footage. That's a little suspicious, don't you think? The same thing happened with the case of Dale Kerstetter. Even more problematic is the recreated footage that UM produced has been circulated on other mystery shows as official footage, which probably has hindered both these cases badly, since the real security footage probably contain missed details that might be helpful in solving them.
      • There was an active investigation at the time this first aired in 1995 and the show was asked by authorities not to show the film.
  • If Curt Borton's sister ran away from her brother when she encountered him for fear of her safety, then why did she take the story on national TV? If she is afraid that Curt is deranged, wouldn't blowing his cover to the world put her in danger? Either she wants to find her brother or she doesn' seems very contradictory to shun him and then plead for people to reunite them.
    • Some personality quirk of her's?
  • The Haunted Bunk Bed Story. Aside from the fact that destroying the bunk bed made the hauntings and hallucinations stop, what exactly was it that tipped off the family that the bunk bed itself was the reason for the haunting incidents? None of the instances of hallucinations, or apparition sightings seemed to be specifically tied to the bunk bed.
    • If I remember correctly, the hauntings/weird events started once the bed was brought into the house and slept in, so they assumed they were caused by it. But the Unsolved Mysteries Wiki page on this case says that a book featured this case, but made no mention of the bed, and instead said the events were caused by the house being on Native American burial ground.

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