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  • In Energon, it is established that Energon Mist is lethal to Autobots but has no effect on Decepticons. Why would the Autobots have such a weakness? Also, would this status persist if a member of either side made a Face–Heel Turn or Heel–Face Turn? What about the Omnicons and Minicons? What about if a Decepticon spark ended up in an Autobot body, or vice versa? (I know all of those things happened over the course of the series, but the Energon Mist question was never explored). Also, would the Dinobots be affected?
    • I don't remember exactly what the context was when this was established, but I'd imagine it had something to do with the Terrorcons and/or energon refinement (remember that Terrorcons and Omnicons produce different energon that seems to work different ways). I'm not sure why the Dinobots would be special in this regard.
    • Assuming we're talking about the TV show, there seemed to be two varieties of energon. The green Energon used by 'cons is harmful to Autobots only, hence green energon gas letting the 'cons take over Cybertron in the space of one episode. The red Energon used by Autobots is harmful to Depticons only, hence all the various energon weaponry (towers, grids, etc.) in the first half of the series. Why the hell it should be this way was never adequately explored. And it's a good question, if someone switched sides, would they suddenly switch in terms of energon effects? But, presumably, if Autobot energon were released in gas form, it'd be harmful to Decepticons. As for Omnicons, it's established that generations of being energon-forgers have given them immunity to energon radiation. The energon gas never affects them. And no, there'd be no reason for the Dinobots to be any different. As Autobots, Autobot energon is good, Decepticon energon is bad.
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    • In all likelyhood, Red "Autobot" Energon and Green "Decepticon" Energon just don't mix well together. They're all derived from the same base substance, and it all works to power things, but they and their energy emissions do very bad things to eachother when they mix. Going from Bot to Con likely involves being emptied, cleaned, and reconfigured to run on "their" energon.
  • Where did the Mini-Cons' power go in Energon and Cybertron? The toys can still powerlink, but that's a combination of leaving the gimmick and reusing a number of toy models from Armada. None of the in-show characters use Mini-Con powerups, even when it would be a big help in defeating Unicron and the Decepticons.
    • They stopped using the minicons shortly after the relevation that the minicons were Unicronian creations. They then made the logical decision that, even if they continue fighting, to use tools given to them by Unicron, even if those tools had rebelled, was playing into his plans to use their strife as energy way too much. Besides, the minicons had built their own society during the Time Skip, and it would go against their freedom as sentient beings to force them back into servitude after they had gained their freedom.
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  • Speaking of mini-cons, the Star Saber is a legendary, tide-of-war-turning weapon, right? When put together with the Skyboom Shield and Requiem Blaster you can get Earth-Shattering Kaboom level power, right? Bearing that in mind... on Mars City, we meet pee-yellow repaints of the Star Saber minicons, who turn into a pee-yellow Star Saber of their own that apparently isn't the Star Saber. And... this is never commented on by anyone, or ever made to make any damn sense. What the slag?
  • it is now official in both the US and Japan that "Cybertron" is indeed a sequel series to "Armada" and "Energon". so does that mean the Unicron Singularity retcon the events of "Armada" and "Energon" in it's reality warping or did it just change the characters perceptions of history?
  • Where did Scavenger, Hoist, Blurr, Sideswipe, Red Alert and Overload all bugger off to?
    • Where'd Overload come from in the first place? He was just there.
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    • Red Alert returns. Of course, Cybertron's a big planet, so it could be that they're all active somewhere offscreen. All There in the Manual answers the question for some of them (basically, if you aren't in TFE or TFC, but have a repaint in the toyline, what you got up to in the meantime, presumably after taking on this new paint job, will be mentioned on the package. For example, if we take the packaging for the green version of Demolishor at its word, when he found Megs was back again, he decided Screw This, I'm Outta Here! and remained on Cybertron, helping deal with the Scrapmetals.)
  • Decepticon Warp Gates. At least, in Energon and Cybertron. (Distinct from Space Bridges, which look different.) 'Cons seem to be able to just summon portals purely at will, with no apparatus for creating them on either side of the portal. What's up with those?


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