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Headscratchers / Under Siege

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  • Pearl Harbor is (and was) home to more assets than most nations have in their entire military, and the only aircraft the Navy (in the movie) could send to intercept the Tomahawks was a single F/A-18C Hornet? If Nimitz's aircraft were within striking range of Missouri, F-14s from the same could easily have intercepted the Tomahawks.

Artistic License — Large Naval Boomsticks:

  • If the North Korean sub was that close to the Missouri, the main gun should have been depressed rather than elevated, but what are the odds that you can successfully snipe a moving target that small with a 16"/50 caliber gun, anyway? Or is that just Gun Porn?
    • Speaking of the North Korean sub, where exactly did Strannix have that thing hidden after he hijacked it, anyway? Wouldn't somebody have noticed a rogue submarine chugging around?
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    • It's probable that Missouri's guns were never intended to engage a target that close, but even when first built the ship was fitted with a fire control system that was capable of engaging moving targets.

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