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Headscratchers / Ultima

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  • Sure Minax was pissed that her mentor/lover was killed. But she had more or less complete control of time travel. Why didn't she just go back in time and warn Mondain? Or try to kill The Avatar herself before the events of the first game? Hell, she can raise the exact same invincible army, go back in time and do the same plot she had in the game, but this time kill The Avatar's ancestor. This would cause a paradox that The Avatar was never born, and she and Mondain and would live evilly ever after.
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  • Or rather, why didn't she seek out and kill The Avatar herself? This was a personal revenge plot, it seems weird that she would hide in her secure fortress while sending her mooks to do the job. Especially seeing as she was invincible. So if she went to kill the Avatar at the very beginning of the game, before he had the Quicksword (Or any weapons for that matter) she would win no problem.

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