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Headscratchers / Ubel Blatt

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  • What happened Klon and Elenje all the way back in volume 0? They weren't important characters, but it confuses me.
    • They went with the Seven Knights if I remember correctly.
    • Nope. Since their duty is to guard the frontiers and the people living there, that's where they're staying.
    • You're mistaken. Klnon and Elenje were the kids. The guards were called Rigless and Yehlen

  • What happened to Kveria? The last we see of her, they show her reaction to whats happening in the battle, but its ambiguous if she's alive or not as they dont show anything happening to her or a clear visual of a body. Other characters are shown dying and the manga hasn't shown a penchant for hiding grievous feminine fatalities in the past. There is zero reaction or post-event contemplation about her from at least two major characters who have been childhood friends with her...
    • It was one of the series' many examples of Chekhov's Gun: Kveria becomes an example of The Bus Came Back, along with Vid, and several others in the war against Glen.

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