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Headscratchers / 2009: Lost Memories

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  • What is the female Hureisenjin doing in the present-day altered timeline? Based on Sakamoto's visions, in the original "correct" timeline she was taken through the time portal with Inoue back to 1909 (and Sakamoto runs into her at the end of the film once he has corrected the timeline). It is explicitly mentioned by Saigo's JBI boss that once you pass through the portal, you cannot return to the present time - so what is she doing in 2009?
    • She's dead by the time the altered 2009 started. At the end of it, her photo was in an anti-guerrilla exhibition.
      • So who is the woman we see for the majority of the film? A descendant?
        • Still her when she went to the Japan-occupied Korea timeline. The Hureiseijin elder said that some lady taught them secretly that Korea wasn't suppose to be occupied. What kind of proof she told them beyond stories is what I don't know.
        • She didn't return to the present time. The version seen in the altered timeline is the person she grew up to be in it. The changes caused by Inoue didn't prevent her from existing.

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