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Headscratchers / Truth or Dare

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Why can't the characters find a way to force the demon to pick dare by getting the demon in the game, survive a round or two, choosing two truths right before the demon, and daring the demon to end the game?

  • They can, they just didn't. Blame it on bad writing. The filmmakers wanted a particular ending, regardless of whether or not it made sense.
  • Olivia only thought of drawing Calux into the game after it was only her and Markie left, and with exactly three players, Calux would never be forced to pick dare.

Olivia's plan to draw out Calux at the end relied on Calux possessing Markie but not killing her. This is exactly what happened (he completed her dare instead), but how did she know that would happen (or what made her think it would), when every other time he possessed a player who failed, he forced them to kill themselves?


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