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  • The grammar and spelling errors!! The least they can do is at least TRY and edit it!
    • (from the author) In our defense we do try its just really difficult with 8 different writing styles.
    • You know if you over look the crappy edits and the badly put together story bits, its really not that bad.
  • In the first book (Fantasia, which by the way was renamed twice from Ice Maze and Fairy Maze) the characters all end up in an maze in a frozen park created by two wacko goddess-like beings. But then in the end we learn it was actually another dimension the whole time but its never made clear until the very very end.
    • Well that's because even the group caught up in the lesbian goddess' plot didn't fully realize what was going on. It was hinted at when Dan grabbed the scythe for the first time and it showed him (thanks to his own ability to manipulate time) the park was NOT where they were.
  • Xiion's whole agenda against Jay, its not revealed until the 3rd book which leaves a broken plot hole in the first book. Hell he even goes on attempting to kill Jay after ripping his arm off in the Ice Maze
    • Xiion is suppose to be mysterious and cool at the same time. Sort of an Anti-Hero Samurai type.
    • Not so cool when he attempted to kill Kalinda then tho...
    • Xiion's honor code prevents him from harming innocent people but he is clearly understood in the context of 'unless I am told to' or 'to recover his honor' in a second speech he makes.
    • Kalinda got in his way, she stuck her nose and her mostly Useless Item where it didn't belong, she shot at him a few and this kind of made her a death-mark for a little bit.
  • Sara's whole hate for everyone and everything which somehow she transforms, does a Face–Heel Turn, and starts to only hate a few select people.
    • Well Sara actually doesn't hate everyone and everything, she starts by hating Kalinda the white tigress chick first.
    • Well she only dislikes her at first, it turns to disgust and hate in milliseconds as she watches her eat a bunch of food with slathered on ketchup.
    • Sara's character change is kind of natural however after having been nearly being killed by two goddess, nanobots and deadly robots, and attacked by a power-vampire. Its mostly to her still having the others helping her out of jams.
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    • Thats just because she's Chaotic Neutral
    • (From the author of Sara, I'm sorry I had to comment because I can see where this could bug people about Sara) Hello! I hope you liked her I certainly do ^^. Sara was actually written by a different person in the beginning of the arc and then handed to me (I also write Jay and Robert) and I could not help but change her a little once I took over. She probably would had been a lot less cooperative if I had not taken her. To be honest as she was originally was written I fell in love but had to go my own way with her once she was mine. I feel I get to know her better by the second book.
    • She lacks the Personality Powers you'd expect from a chaos maker on some level.
    • Sara doesn't need those sorts of things after all she is telekinetic, pyrogenerate, and calming all at the same time...super demon over lord FTW!
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    • Hardly super demon lord..actually it'd be super demon lady... :p
  • Jay's whole power leveling from 1st to 2nd book is a little cheap. He apparently knows a goddess, which is sort of unclear until the end of Fantasia up until that point we just assume its some girl he liked, and then goes from powerful to an Eliminster clone in ten seconds.
    • Well at least he doesn't sit back or have Isis on Speed Dial whenever something bad happens.
    • Agreed, and he only uses his god-power once so he isn't uber-powerful most of the time.
  • Dan is a definite bother to me after I read the first, second, and third books and he goes from seeming important to a background character like that. Sure he has time powers and a talking Sinister Scythe but what in bloody hell does that have to do with anything!? He seriously took a back seat by book 2 and 3.
    • Well he did take a back seat but we still learn a lot about him and the whole Mysterious Past thing is a good plot hook.
    • Yeah but come on he controls time, couldn't he just have easily taken down that massive horde of cyborgs or stopped the creepy Trinity siblings at least a little bit?
    • I think that's one of those Word of God moments there..
    • Actually if you read closely you notice he still doesn't fully have control over those powers, by book 4 he is shown actively utilizing time control to emulate Super Speed amongst other tricks.
    • Besides he doesn't often abuse his powers so we rarely actually see them in use.
  • How about the mysterious new characters Micha or Coatl who show up during the mid-point of the very short 4th book? Why in hell do they both end up showing up so weirdly and lately in the story??
    • Yeah that did bother me a bit, I talked to the creator of the series about this one, he said that there was two new writers who joined late into that story and he didn't see any reason NOT to add them in.
  • Jay & Sabella....ok that's cool and obvious and all but is that it? Are there other couplings happening or not?
    • Unofficially we can assume so with Shipping Kalinda with Robert or even Dan and Robert at one point, officially none really stand out.
  • I realize its not a Funny Animal or a Furry Confusion hot button but really why/what is up with the limited range of character species? Checking out the web page you can see they limit you to like 5 races so whats up with that?
    • Looks like maybe they don't like those kinds of animals?
    • Its more like 6 and then some...but yeah really why do they limit their races like that? Any Furry Fandom lover knows all animals are game!
    • I disagree I think it makes sense to limit the choices down, makes things a lot less complicated.
  • What bugs me is that this series Needs More Love because its Better Then It Sounds :)
  • What happened to Micha or Solan???
  • Where is the art work? Its Furry Fandom there should be art!

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