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Headscratchers / Treasure of the Rudra

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  • This exchange in the last chapter:
    Sion: Not bad for a Brassiere Blunter!
    Surlent: Treasure hunter, surely?
    Sion: Ha! I've got a hunch Foxy wouldn't disagree with me.
    • It conjures up so many explanations to mind... but none of them make any sense whatsoever. What the hell?
  • Ok, so, Surlent's first episode of Body Surfing gets cut short because, whoops, if you're out in the sunlight in a body that isn't yours, you get sent back to the Underworld. After that however, in his second borrowed body, he's out in the sun on multiple occasions with no ill effects whatsoever. Did something happen to protect him from that happening again, or is it just a brain fart on the writers' part?

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