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  • Okay, so clearly I abide by this rule: if they're dressed up as the character, I'll call them by the character's name, and if not, I'll just call them by whoever is singing's first name (for example "Malinda" or "Brian"). However, there are a few times when this gets a bit tough. In "Look What You Made Me Do", Malinda portrays several characters, one of whom apparently is meant to be Taylor Swift, but who are the others? Are they extra Taylors? Extra Malindas? Which one exactly is Taylor? In "Feed the Birds", Malinda is dressed up as the birdseed lady but singing Mary's lines (so I eventually just called her Malinda.) And in "Be Our Guest", Brian is singing Lumiere's lines and holding a Lumiere statue (which he apparently burns himself on). So is Brian meant to be Lumiere or is the statue meant to be Lumiere?
    • The "Look What You Made Me Do" one is easy: they are all versions of Taylor Swift from previous songs. That was the conceit on the original video as well.
    • In Be Our Guest, Brian might be the human version of Lumiere from the end of the film (even though the character was still a candle when he sang the song), but if so, that just raises more questions: Namely, is he meant to be holding the candle version of himself, and then burning himself on himself?
  • What gender is Hercules in "Go the Distance"? On the one hand, the original Hercules was male and Zeus still refers to the GTS incarnation as his son. On the other hand, GTS Hercules is portrayed by Malinda, insists on being called Hillary, and is apparently pregnant.
    • I got the impression she was coming out to Zeus as a trans girl.
      • And the pregnancy part?
      • Wouldn't be the first biologically male deity to give birth...
      • Including Zeus himself (kinda)!

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