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Headscratchers / Tommy Boy

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  • When Tommy was away at college, was he not privy to his father's dating life? He did not even know about, much less meet Beverly till after he returned home following graduation. Of course when Tommy sat down in his new office, Big Tom told him of another surprise (Beverly). Then, when Tommy was introduced to Beverly, Big Tom made an announcement that he was engaged to her. Why would Tommy have not been informed?
    • It seems to be implied that this was a very fast marriage. Tommy also would have been in the midst of studying for finals at the time. He likely wasn't paying too much attention to his father's dating life. Either that or between all the drinking and pot smoking he simply forgot.
  • Why did Tommy need to pretend he was being stung by bees to scare away the police officers? A simple field sobriety test would have proven that he had not been drinking. Of course, he may have been arrested or cited because Richard had an open alcohol container in the car.
    • As noted above, in Ohio it's illegal to have open liquor in a vehicle while driving. While Tommy himself would've passed a sobriety test, a quick look in the car would've gotten both him and Richard in trouble because the latter had been drinking in the car.