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Headscratchers / Tomb Raider (2018)

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  • How exactly does the power-of-attorney work in the United Kingdom? The movie treats it like Lara couldn't take it back once she gave it.
    • Perhaps it was done for dramatic effect and sequel bait? But The Other Wiki has a section about it.
    • Lara didn't want to acknowledge that her father was truly dead, and, in refusing to sign the papers, she can hold out hope that he will return. I think it's less about the legal ramifications, and more about her emotions and acknowledgement.
      • I meant after the climax when Lara does sign over only to later find out Croft Holdings owns the company that was behind the movie's Big Bad.
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    • Removing Ana as Lara's attorney (and presumably CEO and director of Croft Holdings and a bunch of key subsidiaries, and possibly a trustee of the Croft Family Trust(s)) would take time, which would in turn give Trinity time to arrange a fatal accident for Lara, or even merely one that leaves Lara incapacitated, and Ana in control.
  • Why didn't Trinity just send more people and resources to the island over the course of seven years so they can cover more grounds? The end of the film shows that at least air transport is still available even if the sea is dangerous. Putting Mathias in charge and basically marooned him and his men (and there's probably just a couple dozen of them at most, the rest are all slave labors from shipwrecked sailors) on the island until they get the job done isn't going to let them achieve their goals sooner if they don't know where to look. Surely a worldwide conspiracy organization like Trinity can spare a few men for the cause.
  • Why didn't Lara go back and get the gun that guy who'd been tracking her had, instead of going off to the rescue with only the bow and arrow?
    • Firearms are exceptionally loud, and firing an AK47 or M4 at all would give her position away instantly. Also keep in mind that this Lara has not had ample time to train with firearms yet, but has plenty of practice with a bow. As for why this is the case, just remember that in the UK, there are very strict rules on firearms, and even for someone who's wealthy, getting a firearm without a clear need for one, is not an easy task.
  • Why didn't Lara sign the papers, getting access to the Croft fortune and resources, and then assemble a large and well equipped expedition to the island? At that point of the movie she already had accepted that her father was dead.
    • Just because she'd written her father off at that point, doesn't mean she wanted to track in his footsteps. When he left her, she felt betrayed, and effectively wanted nothing to do with him any longer. The only reason she came back was because she was told what would happen if she didn't note  It was only after she was handed the puzzle box that she decided to look for her father.
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  • How does Trinity know what's really on the island?
  • Why wasn't Himiko simply cremated in the first place? In shinto cremation appeases the spirit of the dead, while in materialistic world it is the best way to get rid of any deadly plague. And since this version of Himiko was a vanilla mortal, there would be no real hindrances to that plan, even considering her Touch of Death.