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Headscratchers / Tom Lehrer

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  • It's perfectly understandable that Tom stopped touring because he doesn't like the lifestyle and hates singing the same set of songs night after night. The baffling part is his apparent conclusion that "I don't want to tour" means "I must stop writing songs altogether." This is the point of recording studios after all. Couldn't he have just kept writing songs in his free time and booked a week in a recording studio to record an album once a year? His work in children's television seemed to indicate that it wasn't the actual songwriting or singing part that bothered him.
    • I read somewhere that he felt the world couldn't be parodied anymore, with things like a president "bombing for peace."
    • He said something to that effect, about Henry Kissinger receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
    • Tom Lehrer's trivia page discusses this issue under Creator Breakdown.

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