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Headscratchers / Through the Eyes of Another Pony

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  • The Protagonist's lungs. Why does he sill have smokers lungs? At first it's presumed a MorphicResonance like his size, but the body existed before he landed so why are the lungs still horrible?
    • He did not still have "smoker's lungs" in his new body, it was revealed that initially he could breath much better and had better cardiovascular stamina than in his human form; any later evidence of smoking-related hindrance can be attributed to the introduction of smoking to the new body, and it not having had time to develop around having to compensate for this.
      • This troper's former boss is a regular (but not intensive) smoker at work, but at the same time is still quite an accomplished marathon runner who makes it a point to make time for a long run every single day of the year, and has an unbroken streak of doing so for the past umpteen years. While he would indeed be more athletically capable if he had never smoked at all, he has been able to adapt his body to accommodate this hindrance to a formidably competitive level through regular cardiovascular-intensive exercise.
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  • How does Equestria work in this fic? It's established that Equestria was incompletely created by David and is also a children's cartoon. It's also established that David's inconsistencies go unnoticed by the inhabitants unless pointed out to them. I guess what I'm asking is, how similar is this Equestria to the canon one? Does this Equestria only reach up to a certain point canon-wise and after that it is an Alternate universe, or does the world, being created like a toy or program, update alongside the show. Like, if a new character, say Shining Armor and Cadence, are introduced they come into existence and everypony acts like they've always been there. Even though they haven't.

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