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Headscratchers / The Untouchables

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  • The courtroom shootout starts because Frank Nitti freaks out when Ness realizes that Nitti had Malone's address written down in a matchbook. Wouldn't a seasoned criminal such as Nitti realize that this still doesn't prove anything in court instead of panicking and starting a shootout that led to his death?
    • On it's own, it may not be much of a "smoking gun," but a man with close ties to Capone having the address of a Chicago cop who was brutally gunned down at home would probably be enough to trigger an investigation that could have had serious repercussions for Nitti himself, even if Capone wasn't even brought into it.

  • Was it ever explained why Malone didn't just shoot the knifeman? Even if Nitti was outside, Malone should still have shot the wop.

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