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Headscratchers / The Underland Chronicles

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  • Given the very blatant DownTheRabbitHole description in book one I just went with it. Humans got smaller, then for whatever reason nothing else did. (Added to the implications that the rats sometimes went to the overland. Then Ripred mentions reading in a library, I believe) and some in the Undlerland may be the same ones above... Rereading the series I realize that can't be right because when they come up from sewers and such everyone is the right size, every damn time. WTF?
    • The humans don't shrink but because of the lack of predators (or some reason the science is kind of iffy) the animals that would live in the underland such as bats, rats, cockroaches etc. have all grown to about human size.
    • When is it stated that the humans shrunk? I thought they were more or less within normal range.

How is this in Children's Literature?

  • Book one, fine. Book two, fine. Book three is iffy with the nightmare fuel but once the graphic mause holocoust starts spaninng CHAPTERS of description, it should get something to warn the parents.
    • Esp. taking into consideration Harry Potter can be found in Children's Lit along with Teen, Young Adult and Adult in most bigger libraries. Why not Underland? It seems like a huge factor into why it is so underrated.
  • Sometimes kids are...gasp...capable of handling things a bit darker than "See Spot Go". It's a pretty high reading level so the kids reading it are either older or pretty smart/mature.
  • No sex, drugs, or swearing.


  • In The Prophecy of Bane, it tells of Gregor (The warrior) killing the bane. Yet in The Code Of Claw, it ALSO talks of The Bane. Nobody mentions this!
    • The Prophecy of Time doesn't refer to the Bane by name, only as "the monster".
    • There's also the possibility that the prophecies are meaningless.
      • Even if they are meaningless, people believe in them and study them intently.