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Headscratchers / The Trapped Trilogy

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  • Why does Immorgamsics arbitrarily rewrite peoples' memories in such a coherent and promiscuous fashion? Why does a banana make an acceptable lure for a fishing rod? Why does Dialla refuse to grab a rusty switch five minutes after punching through a brick wall with a pocket knife? Why doesn't Dialla just fucking shoot Whitey? Why? Why?! WHY?!
  • EVERYTHING about the plot bugs me. EVERY. FUCKING. THING. I don't know if there's a human equivalent of those logic bombs that Captain Kirk used to use on the Rogue AI of the Week, but if there is it's gotta be pretty damn close to this game.
  • Why exactly would a convenience store owner keep around an empty blowtorch that he himself says he has no use for?
    • Maybe it became useless to him only recently, and the player is the first opportunity he has to get rid of it.
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  • Why were Dan and Dialla taking this experimental, immortality-giving, memory-wiping drug in a police officer's house?
  • There's two possibilities I see for the revelation in Escape: Either Dialla really was part of the Armor Gamsees (and took the Immorgamsics), or Dan was bullshitting her. Problem is, neither of these make sense:
    • If she did take the Immorgamsics, then her own men tied her up and left her in the corner. And it doesn't explain the maid outfit one bit, nor why Mickey greets her as his girlfriend and a fellow officer.
    • If she didn't, then as part of the police raiding the area, she should recognize Dan McNeely. But instead, she immediately trusts him as soon as they meet! Are we supposed to believe that she somehow missed the briefing on what the infamous murderer they're attempting to arrest looks like?
      • I suppose it could be that she assumed Dan was armed and would kill her if she tried anything. As such she was just playing along, I guess she thought he was feigning ignorance in a pathetic attempt to trick her, or something...
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    • With the introduction of a memory altering serum, the whole trilogy essentially descends into solipsism at that point. Just roll with it.
    • Likely, the intention was that Mickey quit the gang and took her with him, after which she lost her memory and believed she was an officer all along, then during the police raid she went undercover posing as a maid only to lose her memory again and believe she really was a maid (Note how they show a shot of maid Dialla when McNeely says "Inserting a few"). Of course, this doesn't make the story any less of a mess.

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