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Headscratchers / The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing

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  • How do the Gyroids cause people to turn into fucked-up animals? And how can it be just the one you like the most? Aren't they just normal random pieces of normal random furniture?
    • Oh, wait, each of them causes you to turn into a different animal. The villagers bury specific Gyroids depending on your favourite animal. For example, Quazoids cause you to turn into a rabbit. Which explains why Billy can't find other kinds, also why he is surrounded by them in the anti-box ending. That still leaves one question: HOW can a simple statue-ish thing turn you into an animal?
      • Magic. Evil, eldritch magic.
      • It's a story about a fucked up prison island where the locals trap kids for their body parts. And they're actually nicer now that Tom Nook runs the store. Just go with it.
      • It's really a case of Nothing Is Scarier. Billy mentions a few theories in-universe, but the truth is that he doesn't know and neither should the audience. But it's probably magic.

  • Ok. So in the pro box ending, It turns out that Billy is inexplicably immune to the gyroids ability to turn humans in to animals and his DNA is used to make a vaccine. So, with that said, why does Billy start turning into a rabbit in the anti-box ending?
    • He's not immune, he's resistant. He uses that specific word in the epilogue, saying that Penny implanting his eye to replace hers caused her body to start rotting due to it - if he had been immune, it likely would have already killed her. A resistance can be useful in creating a vaccination, but it isn't bulletproof. In the anti-box ending, he had already given up on any hopes of escape, and accepted that he was trapped there forever. That's why the gyroids were finally able to break through his resistance and begin his crossing into a rabbit.

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