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Headscratchers / The Superhero Squad Show

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  • Why exactly is Doom a Red Skull fanboy in this universe? Is he no longer half-gypsy?
    • More likely Red Skull is no longer Nazi-affiliated, or Germany wasn't Nazi-affiliated, or Nazis weren't genocide-affiliated. Take your pick, SHSS is way too-light hearted for anything but generic supervillainy.
  • Even if the monster world seen in "This Man-Thing, This Monster!" lacks conventional superheroes, it is clear that Jack Russel and Man-Thing are good monsters fighting against the evil monsters, so how is it that the inhabitants don't understand the concept of being a hero in general prior to Iron Man's arrival?
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  • In Deadly Is The Black Widow's Bite, while Mystique is disguised as Iron Man, she's shown using his repulsors and jets. No canon version of her has been shown to be able to replicate other people's powers, much less their technology, and even if she could, why not make Cap's shield while disguised as him?