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Headscratchers / The Strain (TV series)

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  • Isn't it odd, that when Eph and Nora discussed how to stop the infection they never came up with the idea of injecting the infected couple from the storage facility with colloidal silver? They know full well, that silver hurts/kills the vampires and as CDC Doctors should know about its use in medicine and alternative medicine. See the other wiki for more Info on colloidal silver in medicine.
    • I didn't find it odd at all. They know silver hurts/kills vampires, but that isn't what they were trying to accomplish. Silver isn't going to make them infectious to other vampires, or somehow reverse their metamorphosis.
      • Point taken. But they could have at least tried it on Samweis Gamjee or what his name was. Even more, if you give yourself Argyria, will it make you immune to the worm-tranfer via scratches? Course you can still be sucked dry, but it should make you pretty untasty. Like drinking acid.
  • Is there something preventing them from photocopying the Occido Lumen? Because aside from the Ancient Ones would probably be pissed if they found out there doesn't seem to be any logical reason not to. There are people around the world who could read it and while I would hold onto the original as long as possible anyway since magic books always hide the important bit in the binding or something being able to return the book to the Ancients if they ever force the deal is a major plus.
    • They do exactly that, as in 3x04, both Setrakian and Quinlan are reading from photocopies. However there isnt much to be gained from just the surface of the book, which is vague. The true information within the Lumen can only be read when the pages are in direct sunlight.
      • They make what appear to be low-quality, black-and-white photocopies. I think it remains a headscratcher why someone tech-savvy like Dutch didn't take some time to make high-quality full-color scans, with multiple (encrypted) backups. The internet was broken, but there was still electricity, and all they'd need is a computer, a hi-def scanner or camera, and some USB flash drives.
  • This may just be bad writing, but Zach doesn't question that his mom is suddenly okay with murdering innocents, especially when he has seen the strigoi as well as his own mother eating people.

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