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Headscratchers / The Star Wars Holiday Special

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  • Why was C3PO translating Wookiee language to Leia? Doesn't she understand it as the rest of the galaxy people?
    • This is actually something that makes sense in this movie. How can anyone understand what Chewie is saying when his language composes of grunts, howls, and roars? A droid like C-3PO would be very valuable for people talking to the Wookies.
      • Luke understands it, Han understands it, Saun Dann understands it... Why does Leia not?
      • You have to learn languages to understand them. Leia apparently never bothered to learn Chewie's language. Judging by the films, I'm not entirely sure she ever learned it.
      • From what I gathered from the EU, which is admittedly no longer canon, Leia tries to understand Wookiee speech but has great difficulty with the language.
      • At the very least, she seems to be able to understand him by the time of the Sequel Trilogy.
  • Speaking of Wookiee language, why doesn't Chewbacca's family have subtitles for their "dialogue"? There are lots of scenes that revolve around them with no English/Basic speakers present, so subtitles or Translation Convention should've been in effect.
  • If Obi-Wan said in the first movie that Mos Eisley was "a Wretched Hive of scum and villainy", then why is everyone in the cantina were so friendly here? Isn't the cantina supposed to be a more hostile place?
    • Gentrification.
      • Perhaps the fact that the Skywalkers are from Tatooine has brought tourists and gentrification?
    • It's the night shift so it's a different group of people; it's established that the night bartender is better liked than the day one so they're more willing to listen, and who would be dumb enough to cross Bea Arthur when she has a blaster?
    • They've also probably been drinking for quite a while and just happen to be extremely friendly drunks.
    • Bowdlerization. It's intended as an all-ages special.
  • Luke can understand binary, but in the cartoon segment, he needs C-3PO to translate R2's speech to him. What?
  • The show ends with the Wookiees using magic crystal balls to don red Snuggies and travel to where all the other Wookiees are gathered for Life Day. That by itself is relatively acceptable, but how did the rest of the Star Wars cast manage to get there (especially Han, to whom they'd just said goodbye not two minutes earlier)? If he was going to go to the same place, why didn't he just go with them?
  • One of the stormtroopers stumbled onto the railing and fell through it. This is the same railing that's supposed to prevent the Wookiees (who are clearly larger and heavier) from falling out of their tree homes to the distant ground. Exactly what kind of engineering went into this? Was it all a plot by Malla to kill her irritating child?
    • Wookiees are naturally tree dwelling, they likely need less safety rails than non-tree dwelling species would.
      • That doesn't explain the flimsiness. If they have a railing, presumably they need it.
  • Seems strange that Han doesn't recognize Boba Fett, seeing as how Fett is supposedly the galaxy's greatest Bounty Hunter (according to Wookieepedia).
    • Fridge Brilliance: Anyone that's seen Mr. Fett in full armor probably isn't going to live long enough to give a detailed description later. Secondly, his armor is iconic to us, and probably incredibly unique to any Mando'ad who sees him. Non-Mandalorians, however, probably wouldn't be able to tell one suit from another without extensive experience.
      • This is later more or less confirmed when, after Boba's apparent "death", someone impersonates him using one of the few remaining other sets of Mandalorian armor. (That might not be canon anymore, but neither is this.)
      • While that specific instance might no longer be canon, the current canon does have someone impersonating Boba Fett by wearing his abandoned armor.
      • Except Han already knows Boba Fett personally from his time in Jabba's employ, so this explanation doesn't hold water.

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