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  • Why, oh WHY didn't they just DIG their way out? Not everyone in Springfield is as stupid as Homer (although many are), so why didn't someone like Lisa or Professor Frink think of it?
    • Who knows, maybe there was something underground that killed the possibility of digging such as garbage being dumped and piled up underground right below Springfield just like in "Trash of the Titans".
    • The Springfielders might have wanted more than just freedom outside of the dome, they likely also wanted the dome torn down so that supply trucks with fresh food, coffee, books and other goods can come into their town. They're just way too comfortable with their current lifestyle to abandon it. That could also be the reason why none of them bothered joining the Simpsons in the sandbox which they saw for themselves was the only known easy way out.
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    • It was heavily guarded by people, who would probably shoot anyone who tried to leave.
      • If they really cared about that, would they have been trying to shatter the dome?
    • My impression was that the sinkhole was the only feasible way to get under the dome, and the wreckage from the Simpsons' house plugged it up.
    • Addressed in The Fool Monty when Mr. Burns attempts to put another dome over Springfield.
    • I have a guess that Springfield's store that supplies such effective digging supplies was cut off from the people by the dome. But then again, just because some people in Springfield are (at least slightly) smarter than Homer doesn't mean they had the common sense to dig.
    • All in all, it was just to keep the movie's plot running and make the dome seem even more of a burden and horrifying experience for the people.
  • Why did Option #3 call for all of Springfield be quarantined instead of only the lake?
    • Or I hypothesize that was what either Option #1 or 2 could have been. #3 was just a more extreme measure.
  • Why would Russ Cargill wanna blow up Springfield anyway? He never showed his true motivation or reason for that. It just came out of nowhere. So why the heck would he want to destroy Springfield?
    • He's gone mad with power, remember. Not to mention that people have escaped once, and may do so again, so he plans to cover up all trace of his mad plan with mass murder. Murder Is the Best Solution.
  • How did the Springfieldians not get sick or terribly ill from drinking the water that Homer contaminated with his pig's excrement?
  • Before Homer entered the motorcycle sphere challenge, Marge announced they only have $10 left. Once Homer spent that fee on the challenge, how'd they get money for gas, beef jerky, soda and hot dogs? This was before they received the $1000 Alaskan stipend.
    • Perhaps $10 was the only amount of money Marge was going to give Homer to try to win the motorcycle sphere challenge. She had more money on her wallet, but she wasn't going to waste it if Homer wasn't able to perform the task well.
  • Lisa ran from Springfield empty-handed. Where did her saxophone during her captivity in the EPA van come from?
  • The angry mob openly stated they only wanted Homer. But why were there five hangman nooses on the tree?!
    • They caught the rest of the family trying to (albeit barely) help him. You do have to kill the witnesses, after all.
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    • They also could've been lying. Or that was only a handful who wanted only Homer. Besides that one line, nobody seemed to be selective in which Simpson they killed; Nelson had a red arrow prepared for archery so he knew who he got, and Krusty's first order upon breaking in was for his monkey to kill Maggie.
    • Homer's a fat man. They probably didn't want to take the risk of him actually causing the rope of a single noose to break before he died.
    • Also, only Carl promised that Homer's family be spared if Homer surrenders himself. Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph (who put up the nooses) did not. Perhaps they just put up five nooses to tease the Simpson children or that mob planned to kill the other members of the family as well in case Homer didn't surrender.

  • At the climax, when Cargill confronts Homer and Bart at the gorge, his clothes are tattered. How did his suit get tattered and torn?
    • He could've had the crap beaten out of him by the townsfolk or he could've been under the dome when it was destroyed.
    • The shockwave from the bomb's explosion could've done that, like it did to all those trees.

  • Were there no drainage ditches, gullies, or general low zones anywhere under the rim of the dome? Did nobody own a shovel? Why were they trapped? I know Springfield has geography as consistent as water but nowhere is it completely flat.
    • Fridge Brilliance: They once moved the whole town five miles away from where it was, so they probably never put in a whole lot of underground infrastructure because it would impact mobility.

  • If the dome was as tightly sealed as everyone treated it, how did no one suffocate?
    • There was that hole at the very top where the bomb was loaded in.
    • Oxygen is provided by trees and other plants. Suffocation is a moot point if there are a sufficient amount of plants in the enclosed space, and the enclosed space isn't that enclosed. So a town-sized dome with a decent supply of plantation would, at worst, take an extremely long time to cause air-related issues.
  • How'd the EPA put Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie back in the dome? The whole point of it was that it was that no one could get in or out of the town, so how did they get 4 people not only into the town, but deep into the town.
    • There is that giant hole at the top they could use to get them into the city, with a helicopter or something.
  • I know that Cargil said Springfield had been taken off the map but did NO ONE stumble across the domed Springfield? Not even by accident? The town does receive supplies and yeah the government could've canceled all deliveries but SOMEONE would've decided they wanted to pay a visit to one of their relatives or friends in Springfield. How did this not become a huge media event like in Under The Dome with news reports, protesters, and people trying to dig in?
  • Could a glass dome the size of a city REALLY hold up it's own weight without immediately shattering the second it was dropped and could such a massive thing really by transported by any number of cargo helicopters? And wouldn't the weight of the dome cause it to start sinking into the ground? And if Cargil was going to get so concerned over a crack, why not just construct the dome out of plastic? It'd be a HELL of a lot lighter and sure as hell wouldn't be able to be damaged as easily.
  • Futuremore, how could a dome like this be constructed without A), someone noticing it even by accident, B) get anywhere near completion without breaking because it appears to have been built as one thing, we never see anything to indicate it's multiple sections and C), wouldn't a big hole

  • This has always bugged me since the film was released, but if Bart came up to the streets on his skateboard naked, why any student from the Springfield Elementary hasn't teased or bullied him with that since then? Almost all students and teachers from the school, to not mention the police and some of the townsfolk, saw him naked and for some reason, nobody remembers this is in the episodes that have come after the movie. Why no one recalls this?
    • A possibility can be that in regards to the school children and teachers, they didn't tease him because they didn't recognize Bart. Yeah, Bart passed in front of them, but perhaps Bart passed too fast that they didn't have time to identify the naked kid as Bart Simpson. In regards to the townsfolk and the police, it's possible that they don't remind Bart of this as a courtesy.
      • However, this doesn't explain why Nelson doesn't tease Bart with it in the show, as Nelson clearly saw Bart naked and in balls when Lou brought him to "play" with Bart and even laughed at the handcuffed Bart. Given how Nelson loves to be a bully in school, it's kinda strange that he would refuse to recall the instance when Bart went to the streets naked to humiliate him. Unless the other kids didn't believe him...
    • Alternatively, it's possible that the movie takes place in an Alternate Continuity. A friend of mine suggested me this possibility. This may have some sense after all, as while Colin seemed to be the perfect boy for Lisa, he never appeared ever again after the film and Bart's relationship with Homer is still not so good although the film implies that they have a more loving father-son bond now on. On the other hand, the movie may be canon with the show and just all the events of it were reset by the next episode. This is unsurprising of course, as it's normal for many animated shows that whatever happens in an episode doesn't affect the following one and everything that happened in such episode returns to normal inexplicably.

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