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Headscratchers / The Punisher

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  • In the beginning of Greg Rucka's 2011-2012 series (Volume 8, I believe), I never quite understood the background between the wedding massacre that started Rachel Coles' problems. We see a group of men enter the wedding, one gets hit (I think) and gunfire erupts, and we're later told they were the Exchange and it was a gunfight with another gang. Are we ever told who the other gang was (I read online it was the Owl's people), why they were there, where they (the other gang) were, why they picked a wedding to have their high-noon showdown etc etc? I never quite "got" the background to it, even after re-reading the issues a few times.
    • The Exchange thugs were chasing after one of Owl's thugs, Owl's guy barraged into the wedding and was killed. The Exchange now had a room full of witnesses so they opened fire on the wedding guests. The whole point was to make Cole another victim who lost her family to random mob violence like the Punisher did.

  • So the Confederacy of Dunces arc. Spider-Man being trapped by the explosives that weren't actually armed. The Spider-Sense not going off should have alerted Pete to Frank's bluff immediately. Enough said. This tends to happen to poor Pete way too many times, writers have a bad habit of forgetting that the Spider-Sense exists.
    • Not necessarily. If a villain points a gun loaded with blanks, or throws a knife that turns out to be rubber, that should still set off Spidey Sense because his brain thinks he's in danger. He doesn't actually have to be in danger.
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    • That's not how the spider-sense works at all. The spider-sense is mildly psychic power that warns him of actual danger. Not stuff he thinks is dangerous.
  • The creeptastic King of the Homeless in "Hidden" gave the vagrants money in exchange for them bringing him corpses. Where the hell did he get the money?
    • Could be any number of things. While it's extremely unlikely he was ever able to earn it himself, it could have been an inheritance from his dead mother, an insurance payout he got because he was her only living relative, the proceeds from her estate... It's not like he has expenses except paying the homeless for the corpses anymore.