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Headscratchers / The Pacifier

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  • Shouldn't the GHOST program be named GHAST since it stands for "Guided High Altitude Scrambling Transmitter"?
    • Rule of Cool
    • It's likely that the Altitude is alternatively switched with another term that starts with "O".
  • How Lulu and the Fireflies were able to sell cookies if those nasty boys scouts were always picking on them and spoiling their cookies? From their dialogue, it's implied that the first time we see the boys isn't the first time Lulu's troop have met them. Given this, why Lulu and her friends never told her mother about those boy scouts nor asked Shane to go and scold them?
    • Given the troubles and things being hidden from their parents by her older siblings, this was possibly something Lulu put up with so as not to bother her mother with it. It may be that the boys didnt bother the girls when they had an adult with them so as to avoid trouble with adults. Whereas Shane left the girls to their own devices while he went shopping. Leaving the girls wide open to being harassed.
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  • Do the Plummers own a bootleg copy of Ghost? What other reason is there for the disc label being blank except for the word GHOST in Sharpie?
  • When Lulu beats up the crap from the boy scouts' leader and defeats him, she sends the other Fireflies after the other boy scouts. Why they didn't think on run away if they had seen what Lulu had made to their leader?
  • "Guess what? North Korea pays better". China, sure; Russia, definitely, but North Korea? One of the poorest countires out there?
    • China and Russia probably have their own already. Their lack of demand would drive the price down. North Korea, on the other hand, can't even hit South Korea with a missile nowadays; they'd be on the market for a "Guided" anything.
    • The country's population is dirt-poor, the dictatorship is worth billions. Kim Jong-un's personal net worth is at least $5 billion.

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