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  • What is the CBI's jurisdiction?
    • It's a California state police agency.
      • I know that much, but they don't seem to have the same jurisdiction as the real life CHP. They seem to be closer to the FBI, except only in California.
      • Hollywood Law.
      • Think of them as a made-up West Coast version of the Texas Rangers.
      • And yet, in Season 6, they can apparently be shut down completely by a federal judge.
      • Federal law trumps state.
  • How exactly could Kristina be that catatonic? Yes, I know, Red John is a sick dude who could just fuck with your head, but she's still human, all right. Every so often, she has to piss.
    • Not to be gross, but that doesn't mean she has to do anything active about it. It'll happen eventually no matter what. Happens to people in Real Life, remember?
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    • How does she drink, then? She thought she was dead.
      • She may assume that when she eats, drinks, uses the toilet or sleeps, she's just vividly reminiscing about when she was alive and had to do such things.
    • Or, more prosaically, she was hooked up to an IV drip. That would take care of eating and drinking.
  • Is anyone else wondering why Rigsby and Sarah broke up? As an addition to this, Rigsby didn't seem too brokenhearted after getting dumped by THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILD.
    • They broke up because Rigsby faked his own death (rather gruesomely) without letting her in on the plan. She spent 1-3 days fearing that the father of her infant son had been killed. When he revealed himself as alive, I assume she was so upset with him for doing that to her that she broke up with him. As for Rigsby not being upset, maybe their relationship is getting better offscreen, with a chance to rebuild, or he is just happy that she still allows him custody of their son.
    • In season 6, Rigsby confides in Cho that the only reason he proposed to Sarah was because they had a child together; while he obviously cared for her, he wasn't in love with her. He's also become self aware enough to realize why she would be hurt by his faking the dead, and understand her reasoning. So with the child being the most important aspect of the relationship to him, there's no reason for him to get upset.
  • Okay, so in the Season 2 finale, we meet Red John, who murders two killers who have engaged in "cheap imitations" of his own particular style. Just one of many ways, evidently, to get on this serial killer's bad side. So then, why isn't Dr. Linus Wagner dead?
    • Wagner is in prison.
      • Though now that we know that Red John is basically running a whole organization of dirty cops and CBI agents, why he isn't dead is even more suspicious.
      • In-Universe: If Wagner gets killed, Jane would investigate the prison officials responsible. Out-of-Universe: Early Installment Weirdness.
    • It may be that he thought Wagner wasn't quite as cheap an imitation as the other two were, having a better motive if nothing else (Well-Intentioned Extremist versus a couple of psychos doing it For the Evulz- he spared their friend since while he was involved, he was also not very bright and clearly forced into it), and greater restraint. Also, while he may hate "cheap imitations", that isn't why he killed them- he did it to save Jane, who made his life interesting. Wagner got caught and would either be executed (he later tries to make a deal to get off death row) or would at least spend a very long time in prison; those two were going to murder Jane and completely get away with everything. He hates cheap imitations, but he usually likes to have a slightly better reason for killing you, especially if there is risk involved.
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    • The other difference is that Wagner's imitating Red John was an afterthought to cover up his own crimes, while the kids were specifically doing it in homage to him. It's not out of the question that he would take the latter more personally because they're essentially doing it at him, while Wagner's actions ultimately weren't really about him.
  • How does Red John guess who Jane suspected he was? This has never been explained.
    • He probably learned what Lorelei told Jane and was capable of deducing those identities through his network of disciples.
    • It's also possible that he did legitimately have psychic powers.
      • If that was true you'd think he would have seen his death coming.
    • Well, Jane had to have followed some kind of specific method (or series of methods) to get that list in the first place. Maybe Red John knew him well enough to understand how Jane would do it and then used the same techniques to predict what Jane's list would be.
    • Consider also that by the time Lorelei is killed, Jane has already created a preliminary list and is in the process of whittling it down. If Red John was able to get a look at some version of the list (which, with his network, isn't impossible), then all he has to do is follow the same process of elimination Jane ultimately does, and he'll get the same result.
  • In earlier episodes Lisbon tells Jane that if he kills Red John she will arrest him, because she can't let that happen. In S06E06 (“Fire and Brimstone”) she speaks with Jane and tells him, that she changed her mind and she has no problem if Red John gets murdered by Jane. (“What I'm saying is some men – men like Red John – they don't deserve a trial. They don't deserve a jury. They deserve what they have coming to them.”) Jane doesn't really believe her and thinks that Lisbon only pretends to change her mind. I always wondered if Lisbon was serious about her change of mind, or if she was just faking it.
    • YMMV, but I kind of thought she was sincere. Edging into a little Fridge Brilliance, this is after the Volker case. Before that case, she'd never personally felt the kind of rage or passion that drove Jane in his hunt for Red John. But when she went up against Volker, she did feel those things — and she would recognize that Jane would feel it to a much greater intensity, since what Volker did to her is nothing compared to what Red John did to Jane. She finally understands, on a visceral level, where Jane is coming from, and that could be enough for her to decide to let him do it.

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