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Headscratchers / The Lost Room

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    Anti-Object Field and the Quarter 

  • When Kreutzfeld entered the room his son should have disappeared, because objects don't work in the room and his son is dead except for the effect of the swallowed quarter in Kerutzfeld's gut.
    • I had this thought as well, and the best rationalization for me was that once a memory is brought back using the quarter, it persists in reality, no matter what happens to the quarter. The only "using" of the object is to bring life to the memory, and past that, they don't require the object for the memory to persist.
    • Analogously, if the pencil were brought into the room, would all the pennies it created fade out of existence? Obviously a living memory is a different thing, and will disappear in time, but I think the idea is the same: what is created by an Object is not an Object, and is unaffected by the rules of Objects.
    • This would depend on precisely how the Pencil functions; is it truly creating 1961-minted pennies from nothing, or is it summoning existing '61 pennies from elsewhere in the world to the location of the tapping?
    • Kreutzfeld is in room 9 when that happens, not the room. Although would an effect of of an Object continue as long as the effect was outside the room? Or if the door was open? Maybe.


    Bus Pass and getting hit 

  • Given that using the Bus Pass makes you appear on a road, isn't there a significant probability that using it on someone would cause them to get run over?
    • Who's to say they haven't been? Although, as it's implied that Wally has used the bus ticket a large number of times, that road might be mostly unused now, since people falling out of the sky is implied to be a well known problem in the area.
    • Well, the reason it bugged me is that Wally wasn't shown to be that bad a guy; I don't want to think of him as someone who would risk people's lives like that.
    • Well, there were those times that they landed on the lawn.
    • One could infer that the ticket dumps them in that location because a bus stop used to be there in the 60's. The stop likely was moved to the main terminal in Gallup after the buses kept hitting people.

    Government (lack of) involvement 

  • See Weirdness Censor on the main page. Why didn't the government confiscate the extremely dangerous weapons and lock up the order a log time ago? Even if no one believes the objects have power, they must have linked their trafficking to the strange deaths/disappearances surrounding them. Or noticed the mental patient who hasn't aged in forty years.
    • The most reasonable answer is that the cabals have agents working at every level of government throughout the country. If one finds evidence of an Object, he funnels the info to his cabal and covers up the details so no one else will go looking for it. The mental patient remains a bit of a puzzler, though.
    • Perhaps they're just letting the weirdos work it out for themselves. After all, would you want your group, that needs their reputation, caught chasing magic objects? Let the crazy people collect them, then sneak in and scoop them up.

    Leaving the Room 

  • What if... and I'm just wondering... somebody were to just jump out the window of the Room? Where would they be? A vast empty wasteland of nothingness? Just... what would happen?
    • If someone jumped out of the window, it would probably be bad. I don't recommend it.
    • If someone were to climb out the window, perhaps he'd be able to wander the world of 1:20:44 PM on May 4, 1961 pretty much indefinitely.
    • If you climb out the window, then you're immune to the effects of the Total Perspective Vortex. Obviously.

    Objects still in the Room 

  • Isn't EVERYTHING in the Room already an object? The Bed, the Water Faucet, the Television, the Door, the Blinds, the Medicine Cabinet... what do they do?
    • Why would they all be objects? It never said that the Event turned everything in the Room into an object.
    • The canon Objects are mostly small and all easily carried around. Probably nobody removed the furniture just because of how difficult it would be to move, especially because of the way a lot of motels have televisions chained down, beds screwed to the floor, and things like that.
    • Not all of the things left in the room were particularly big. The pillows on the bed for example.
    • Perhaps the pillows aren't an Object by themselves, but work as part of the Bed? And in order to use the Bed outside of the Room you'd have to dismantle it to get it through the door, at which point perhaps it counts as 'destroyed' and whatever its powers are switch to another bed somewhere in the world.
    • Wasn't the Coat just hanging up in the closet until Joe took it out to use as a bulletproof vest? Clearly, not every Object was removed from the Room that can be.
    • Unless a previous Key user found the Coat and left it there.

    Joe's gun 
  • Before Joe and Kreuzfeld start their mission to get into the Collectors' vault, each of them leaves the potentially dangerous items from their personal belongings behind: Kreuzfeld's Flask and Joe's handgun stay in Kreuzfeld's house. Yet after the heist, when Joe finds the Occupant, he keeps his pistol on his body as he enters the Occupant's room in the sanitarium in Green Valley.


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