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Headscratchers / The Lonely Island

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  • So in "The Creep" the guys (and Nicki Minaj) all dress like John Waters and stalk a woman... but John Waters, in real life, is gay. Huh? Why the hell are they dressing up in the style of a gay guy to stalk women, short of Unfortunate Implications? Maybe I'm missing something, but that part always bugged me.
    • They're just dressing up as John Waters because his get-up is creepy.
    • The joke is that John Waters dresses like a sleazy creep, and they are also dressed up like sleazy creeps, not that they're specifically dressing like John Waters.
    • It's simple: anybody can be a creep, it's something that transcends all notions of gender and sexuality.
  • Okay, so at the end of "my dick in a box", the duo is put in jail. 5 months later, they get out of jail on mother's day for "motherlover". But then comes "3-way (the golden rule)", where they sing that they met a girl last week... but that's when they were still in jail. Huh?
    • People can visit you in jail, you know.
      • See, but it specifies that at least Timberlake's character met her at a Payless ShoeSource.
      • "Motherlover" may have been the first of several sexual encounters between the characters and their mothers that took place over a week or longer.
  • How do I give my girl a gift of my dick in a box?
    • It's easy! One, cut a hole in a box. Two, put your junk in that box. Three, make her open the box. That's the way you do it.
  • How exactly is "she put a bag on my head" worse than "I think she might have been a racist"?
    • Sometimes, lists end with a less extreme example as a humorous punchline.
    • She might have put the bag on his head to hold him for ransom or something.
    • It's more personally insulting. She might be a racist, but at least she's in to you. Putting a bag on your head means she doesn't want to see your face during.

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