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Headscratchers / The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

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  • It's understandable how problematic it might be to not be able to take off the cursed leotard, but why can't Styla just wear something over it if her main concern is how ugly it is?
    • Because the outfit is so ugly that it's ugliness shows through even the most beautiful outfit that Styla could ever manage to put on over it! (In all seriousness, this course of action still wouldn't fix the problem anyway, as it would be obvious to anyone who looked at her that she was still wearing the tights, and they also leave her unable to do anything cute or fashionable with her hair.)
    • Also as noted above it is technically not very practical either as since she can't take it off as she can't do things like bathe herself, use the bathroom and clean it if it gets soiled though it doesn't look like the characters think that far about it.
  • How do so many characters in Hytopia look identical to ones who appeared in A Link Between Worlds in Hyrule? The Links in both games are the same, and unlike sequels like Link's Awakening, Majora's Mask, or Phantom Hourglass, this one takes place in the same universe. Yet we have the item seller, the stylish woman, the Kakariko shop owner...Do the characters in Hyrule all have identical twins, or did they all migrate to Hytopia for some reason?
    • Presumably, Hytopia is another Parallel Universe (in fact, Hytopia would be the third or fourth not-Hyrule Parallel Universe at this point, depending on whether you count Termina). Of course, this introduces its own Fridge Logic.
    • Various official sources say that Hytopia exists in the same world as Hyrule does.
  • Why doesn't Link use a shield in this game?
  • Since the game lets you use fairies to skip past the final boss, what does this mean with regard to the ending? Normally, you beat up Lady Maud to the point where she begrudgingly agrees to leave Styla alone before teleporting away in defeat. Seeing as none of that happens if you skip fighting her, presumably, what's stopping her from coming back and cursing Styla again?

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