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Headscratchers / The Leatherstocking Tales

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  • In 'The Last of the Mohicans', Hawkeye enters the Huron camp disguised with the skins of a bear that he has stolen from the tribe's sorcerer. The disguise covers his head, so the Hurons think he 'is' their sorcerer. He wants to enter the tent were Uncas is kept prisoner, but some Hurons are guarding it. So Hawkeye talks in English to David Gamut - who is also a prisoner but is allowed to wander around the camp - and asks him to tell the guards - in French - that they allow him access. The guards agree to let them in, but stay close to the tent. Again, Hawkeye asks Gamut to tell the Hurons to go away. Finally the Hurons leave. So, didn't the Huron guards see anything weird in the fact that their sorcerer was talking to the prisoner, and the prisoner translating his words to them? Why wouldn't the sorcerer just talk to them in the tribe's language?

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