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Headscratchers / The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

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    Franchise Continuity 
  • Where do The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO Ninjago Movie fit in here? We know they take place after The LEGO Movie, and this movie takes place five years after The LEGO Movie. This movie establishes that pretty much all the characters from the first movie are living in Bricksburg — my bad, Apocalypseburg. This raises a few questions. First, since Batman now has Robin as his son/sidekick, why isn't Robin with him in Apocalypseburg? Second, what's Harley Quinn's deal? She looks completely different and is voiced by a different actress. I get that they're paying tribute to Suicide Squad, but why did she completely change her appearance and then move out of Gotham? Also, why did the Justice League move into Apocalypseburg? Did their homes get destroyed by Duplo aliens, too?
    • Keep in mind, it's not like Apocalypseburg came into existence the moment the Duplo aliens arrived. I imagine it still took them a decent amount of time to wreck everything. Harley changing her appearance... kind of answers itself (remember, she had two different outfits in her first appearance, and didn’t give a reason for changing), and I don’t remember anything about the Justice League moving to Apocalypseburg.
    • Phil Lord and Chris Miller confirmed in a recent interview that The LEGO Batman Movie is set in the same universe as the main LEGO Movies, and that Finn was simply choosing to play with only his DC Comics LEGOs, and the Phantom Zone Villains, when The LEGO Batman Movie was happening. It seemed to have been answered in a "sure, let's go with that" fashion, but it's still an answer. And The LEGO Ninjago Movie seems to be set in a completely different universe.
      • In the imagination of the kid from that movie, perhaps?
    • Can't there be two Harley Quinn LEGO characters?
    • Honestly, my main question is, whatever happened to Robin? In this movie, Batman seems to have completely moved his headquarters to Apocalpyseburg. He even has Alfred with him! So... did he just leave Robin in Gotham to deal with all the crime there or something?
      • My guess is they simply don't include Robin, Batgirl, or Alfred in LM2. It would still be nice if they had cameos, though.
      • Confirmed: Batman and Alfred are in this movie, Robin and Batgirl are not. Batman also mentions his "solo adventure"', and rambles about how "audiences prefer him solo". Ninjago is not mentioned at all. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn could be a different LEGO figure — it's shown in the movie that both Classic Aquaman and DCEU Aquaman exist at the same time.
    • Apocalpyseburg is not really the results of Bricksburg being destroyed by the DUPLO aliens as much as it is Finn creating a hardcore, grittier world that better reflects his teenage mentality. Robin would be considered to be too childish to fit with the setting, assuming of course he wasn't taken by Bianca.

  • For at least five years, the unnamed Mom has lived in a house with at least three people who are really into LEGO, and it's clear that the family owns a truly impressive amount of LEGO bricks. How has she not learned the art of shuffling her feet whenever there's LEGO on the floor?
    • No matter how careful you are, if there are LEGO in the house, at some point you are going to step on one.
  • Who is Rex in the movie's real world? His time-travelling, his ability to move on his own, his disattachment to the plot? How does it work? Was he really an entity that worked on his own, even in-universe? Or was he controlled by Finn? The movie's context suggests the former, but that goes against the established rules of the Lego World.
    • Just like how Emmet represents the innocence and imagination of Finn, Rex represents Finn's fury and fear of his sister taking over everything he has. The future where Rex comes from is a world where Finn stood by and did nothing while his sister begins to play with all of their LEGO sets her way (notice that only Bianca, not Finn, is seen in Rex's flashbacks). This subconscious fear is what drove Finn to destroy his sister's playsets, just like how Rex drove Emmet to break the wedding ceremony.
    • Emmet moved on his own in the real world in the first movie. It's always been ambiguous just how real the Lego World is. Rex might very well not have been controlled by Finn.
    • Finn does mention in passing that he has a time-travel scenario in progress during our first real-world view of him and his family. Possibly Finn just hadn't bothered to lay out precisely how Rex's backstory started out when he dreamed up the idea, and the LEGO-reality's history shaped itself to fill in the gaps in what Finn sketched out.
  • I'm probably looking too deep into this, but what kinds of LEGO sets would feature Bruce Willis and freakin' Ruth Bader Ginsberg? And also, why would you make LEGO versions of real life people kids won't recognize?
    • Simple, he created those LEGO sets himself, probably as part of his "stuff only big kids get to do" mentality.
  • Late in the movie, we find out that Queen Watevra Wa'nabi is actually the heart Emmet built for the Duplo aliens, having gained sentience and magic shapeshifting powers. But...didn't the Duplo alien eat the heart, power itself up, and send the heart pieces back into the spaceship?
    • The pieces were not destroyed, they were simply reassembled to create the queen. It's even possible that the alien eating the heart somehow gave her sentience.
  • If the Systars weren't actually evil, what's with the part where they enslaved the obviously discomfited animal people into constructing the cake?
  • We find out in the third act that the Systars are actually good guys and do not want to bring about Armamegaddon. Well, if that's the case, then what's with the scene where General Mayhem is talking to Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi about plans for Armamegaddon?
    • All she said was that the time for Armamegaddon was nearing. My personal theory is that they knew that it was nearing and that they were planning to convince Batman to marry the queen to prevent Armamegaddon from happening when the time came.
  • Why does Rex follow Emmet under the dryer and fight him? By that point Emmet is already starting to break, and Rex already caused Armamageddon, meaning both of Rex's goals are pretty much accomplished. What more does he have to gain by beating Emmet up too on top of that, except for possibly undoing his own existence or causing a paradox if he delivered on the promise to literally "break" Emmet? Sure, he has a fleet of spaceships to deal with but by going under the dryer himself all he really does is reveal Emmet's location to the other characters.
    • He was trying to make Emmet feel even more helpless and weak, giving him (self) even more motivation to toughen up and then go back in time and do all the stuff Rex did, preventing such a paradox.
    • When Rex finally comes undone Back-To-The-Future-style, he doesn't panic and doesn't fight it. He seems to accept it with some amount of grace. Therefore, it's possible that he had already seen the error in his ways and actually came to Undar to right his own wrong.


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