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Headscratchers / The Jungle Book

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  • Was Kaa really going to eat Bagheera after hypnotizing him? I mean, a "man-cub" is one thing, but a fully grown panther is much bigger and higher on the food chain.
    • Kaa was just trying to get rid of Bagheera so he could eat Mogwli without interruptions.
    • Actually, large Indian pythons can and do eat leopards. Not every day obviously, but they can.

  • Shere Khan was clearly suspicious that Kaa was hiding something, and all Kaa does is dig himself deeper. So why does Shere Khan walk away?
    • One possibility is that Shere Khan was too arrogant to even contemplate the possibility that Kaa would lie to him so many times in a row, and decided he was probably being too paranoid. After all, he is pretty confident that everyone in the jungle is terrified of him.
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    • Alternatively, Shere Khan actually does respect Kaa more than he lets through. It's a nine meter long python with hypnotic powers we're talking about. On the ground Shere Khan has the advantage, but tigers are not particularly agile climbers (too heavy) and trying to maintain balance AND fight a giant python up in a tree would probably be a little too much, so he doesn´t really care to climb up and check for himself. Also, he paws Kaa away from his face as soon as the snake tries to hypnotize him; although his demeanor would make it seem as if he's just annoyed, maybe he was actually being wary. There's really no reason why Kaa's hypnotic powers would work on Bagheera but not Shere Khan...

  • Couldn't Kaa hand Mowgli over to Shere Khan so he can can murder him for being a man, then eat him, something which Shere Khan seems to have no interest in?
    • Even though Kaa wants eat Mowgli, he doesn’t support Shere Khan’s desire to kill him, since he wants to kill him for a different reason. Kaa just wants to eat Mowgli, but Shere Khan wants to kill Mowgli simply out of spite for being a human, something even Kaa does not approve of.

  • Leaving the fact that this is a Disney movie aside, why does Kaa attempt to eat Mowgli without constricting him first as is normal in pythons? The Latin American dub at least references constriction when Kaa threatens Mowgli to one day "give him a very tight hug", but the original version would make it seem as if Kaa was in the habit of eating his prey alive, using his coils exclusively to hold them in place...
    • For a Watsonian explanation: Kaa isn't the most practical-minded animal around; seems to be driven mostly by his whims... even when those whims make him do blatantly stupid things like pause before eating Mowgli just so he can gloat at Bagheera. He also has a bit of a playful streak, and seems to enjoy toying with his prey. It'd be perfectly in his character to simply prefer using hypnosis to subdue his victims and then swallow them alive.

  • I realize this is a Disney film and thus it probably isn't meant to be taken too seriously, but why does Mowgli walk upright on two legs like a normal human instead of on all fours? Since he was raised by wolves, it would make sense for him to walk on all fours like them. Where did he learn to walk bipedally?

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