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Headscratchers / The Invisible Man

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The novel

  • It's established that Griffin is able to turn cloth invisible. One of his earliest tests is on a piece of linen. So why doesn't he make invisible clothes instead of running around naked?
    • It's because Griffin doesn't get a chance to plan that far ahead. He's about to be evicted from his flat, and ends up barely having time to change himself, let alone clothing and supplies. After that, his paranoia takes hold and he burns the whole place down, so he loses his equipment. Once he finally gets to Iping, he concentrates on a cure, rather than reproducing the results. And considering how the mechanisms necessary to render objects invisible were obtrusive enough to bother a whole building, there's no way he could've done that without getting Mrs. Hall involved.
  • Does Adye die or not? He's described as being shot by Griffin, and falls down and doesn't get up. When asked, Kemp says, "He's killed Adye, shot him anyhow." Kemp consequently seems uncertain if he's actually dead. In the epilogue, it's mentioned Adye questioned Marvel about Griffin's notebooks, but this could've happened prior to him getting shot (i.e. perhaps Kemp told Adye about the books, and that Griffin said Marvel had them, and Adye asked Marvel, who denied having them). The fate of this fairly important supporting character being so vague always struck me as a bit annoying.
    • The use of present tense ("Adye has questioned closely..." [my emphasis]) suggests to me that Adye lived, and that he has often and repeatedly questioned Marvel on the subject since the events of the Invisible Man's rampage. But it is ultimately up to the reader, I guess.

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