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Headscratchers / The House With a Clock in Its Walls

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The Film

  • Isaac and Selena Izard want to use the clock to unwind time and ensure that humanity never existed. They expect to be safe during the unraveling of reality because they're up on a special turret. But if humanity never existed, how can they have ever been born? The plan is to unwind time all the way back to its very beginning, which means they'll be wiping out their own ancestors in the process, so... how will they themselves have ever existed in the first place?
    • By being in a magic turret. You had the answer right there. It's magic.
  • When Lewis translates the writing on the clock schematics, he and Jonathan and Florence are all in the candy shop. Jonathan has the clock key in his pocket. Why didn't they just leave town for a few days until the eclipse was over?
    • Probably because they were afraid Isaac might be able to make another key or activate the clock in some other way with free run of the house.


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