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Headscratchers / The Garfield Show

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  • Why is it Garfield, Arlene, Nermal, and Squeak's mouths now move with their dialogue on this show? The animals didn't actually talk in the comic strip or Garfield and Friends, and yet here they appear to actually be talking, despite Garfield saying in some episodes he actually doesn't talk.
    • This could just be for the sake of the audience. Besides while they may not be speaking in human terms, they may be speaking in animal ones. (i.e. meowing, barking etc.) A similar trick was done in the remake of the Doctor Dolittle Film.
    • "Garfield and Friends" was traditionally animated on paper (thus helping it closely resemble the comic strip) but "The Garfield Show" is CGI. It'd seem unusual and pointless to make Garfield and the other cats communicate without moving their lips in a CGI cartoon.
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    • Well, The Garfield Show spun-off (more or less) from those direct-to-video Garfield films they made (the first one was Garfield Gets Real) - they aren't in the same continuity, but they've got the same art style. In those films, Garfield is an Animated Actor, so it could just be explained that he can talk normally outside of the comic strip. Maybe they just overlooked that little detail when they decided to make a series out of the films.

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