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Headscratchers / The Collector

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Headscratchers for The Collector (TV series)

  • So the rule is, you can't tell anyone about your Deal with the Devil or they go to Hell, too. It seems like a reasonable way to explain why the entire world doesn't know the Devil and Collectors are out there, but "The Children's Book Writer" points out a major flaw: anyone who's resigned himself to going to Hell instead of trying to get out of his deal could just get on TV or the Internet and tell the world and everyone who saw it would go to Hell. That's an awful lot of power to put into the hands of a desperate and possibly evil person — so why don't we ever see anyone attempt to use it, other than in threats or by accident? And wouldn't it be easier to put some kind of mental block on the person that makes them incapable of talking about the deal, or wiping people's minds if they learn about it? Maybe they have to be believed that they have made a deal with the devil. Or consider making a deal themselves. The one example was Jeri, who had an autistic son, whom she would have wanted to help. Plus she was obsessed with Morgan.
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  • What exactly makes one go to Hell in this universe, other than selling one's soul?


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