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Headscratchers / The Buzz on Maggie

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  • Why couldn't Maggie's parents let her bug-sit the neighbors' kids so she could get money for a guitar?
    • Because she promised to watch her little brother for the night. But that raises another question: why couldn't she just ask her neighbors if it was okay for her brother to come along? They didn't seem uptight, they would've understood.
  • Are Maggie's parents strict or what? Among one of the movies they wouldn't allow her to watch in "The Flyinator" is a Lord of the Rings Expy, but Lord of the Rings is PG-13, and Maggie is around aged 12-13 which is the age old enough to watch movies with that rating. Not allowing her to see an R-rated movie is understandable, but a PG-13 movie that plenty of kids have watched? What?

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