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Headscratchers / The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

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  • What bugged me was that the subtitles kept saying "lichenthrope". The official spelling is "lycanthrope" it's not copyrighted. Especially since they provide the etymology of lichen to mean wolf. Lycan come from lykos which means wolf; lichen mean what eats around itself.
  • So, it's fine that Hunter is a werewolf; but it's serious business that Jordan was becoming one?
    • You did not pay attention, did you. She could not handle it because she was not born with it. Hunter was born that way, he always talked about scary things, too. And at one point, before he knew what he was, he even complained why it had to be her (and not him).
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    • For Hunter it was the mission of his life, something he was born to do. For Jordan it was a curse.
    • But her not being born that way can only be explained by sexist implications. The fact that the first born son gets the gene and not first born child has a lot of Unfortunate Implications.
    • Perhaps it's only carried on the Y Chromosome?
    • Or a recessive trait on the X chromosome. Like some genetic disorders.
  • Why was Jordan not stuck as a werewolf since the sun had risen long before she was given the cure?

Nathan vs. Hunter
The common agreement seems to be the the name of Jordan's little brother is "Hunter" and upon doing a little digging I've confirmed that this is correct. That said, I'm about 98 % sure that I watched a version on Nickelodeon in which he was called "Nathan". Can anyone verify and/or explain this phenomenon?
  • To be honest, I have the same memory stemming from the first airing. At the time I wrote the article, I had forgotten his name, so I turned to Wikipædia, which claimed it was “Nathan.” I can't say for certain, but it seems possible that he was, in fact, called “Nathan” at some point.
  • IMDB lists him as Hunter Sands.

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