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Headscratchers / The Boxtrolls

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  • How is Eggs so well-spoken if he's spent his whole life living among creatures who can't string a sentence?
    • He has a speech impediment
    • The question below this one is somewhat related, and explains that the trolls apparently do speak garbled English. Also, the trolls are collectors, and among other things they have collected vinyl records. Although the one record they showed was in Italian, it's possible they collected other records in English. Eggs might also have heard other people speaking English when he went out with the boxtrolls at night, too—even though there's a curfew, he could have heard them through the windows.
  • Near the end of the film, there is a scene where Fish is speaking in his boxtroll language, and Winnie is the one who translates it. When did she learn to speak boxtroll?
    • In-universe, I don't think the box-trolls are meant to be speaking another language, just heavily-garbled English. That explains why Eggs sounds normal to humans, but to the boxtrolls he has a speech impediment - but is still speaking the "correct language". Presumably, Winnie was around the Box-trolls long enough to get the gist of what Fish was saying, as many people who know someone with a speech impediment can gradually begin to understand them.
  • Are the Boxtrolls a One-Gender Race? (That's what the page is called, but in this particular case, I'm actually referring more to sex than gender.) They actually appear to be a "No-Gender Race," as evidenced by the fact that Eggs cannot differentiate between the human genders. However, the abundance of Scenery Censor when the trolls are without their boxes implies that they do have some form of genitalia...which means they must not be sexless. So then, it begs the question, are some of the boxtrolls female (and because of the lack of gender expression, just don't look any different than males)? All of the named boxtrolls are given "he/him/his" pronouns in supplemental material. Does this mean that the entire "tribe" living in the cavern is male as well, or are some of the nameless trolls lurking in the background female?
    • Maybe they have not much of a sexual dimorphism, so female Boxtrolls are basically indistinguishably.
  • No one in-universe questions the fact that the Boxtrolls' boxes have no blood and gore during their Disney Death? At least the adults should know better, but even a child who got hurt before would know that should leave some blood!
    • Two possible explanations; 1) They do not know the Trolls' biology and may assume they have no blood. 2) No one wants to see a bunch of crushed troll remains so no one check it.
  • The film's setting is Steampunk, right? So, does the Boxtrolls' existence make it a Gaslamp Fantasy?

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