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  • Why is it that Benzaie wrote the story of Kabuki Theatre on his Death Note?
  • In the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children review,there is a caption that says "ACTUALLY HATES MACS". If Suede hates Macs, then why does he own an iPod, an iPhone, a Mac Book Pro, a 2.66 G Hz Intel Core i5 iMac and an iTunes account?
  • A small one, but why didn't he put the name of the Animenia theme song on the Top 11 American Anime video? Every fan wants to know what song it is, and in all those years, the only thing we got was that the singer's voice souds like Imogen Heap's.
    • Listing all media used in a given review wasn't a "thing" until after Suede left.
  • Why is it that his eyes started burning when seeing clips of Phoenix Wright: The Truth Reborn but in the Return Trailer he pounds on the table and ends up in a Troubled Fetal Position? Is it like in NC's videos where he pretends that he is watching the films for the first time?
    • His angst over the Phoenix Wright musical is supposed to channel (and exaggerate for humorous effect) his original reaction when he did first watch it. Also... it occurs to me that those are two different clips that would bring no harm.
  • Why is it that in Suburban Knights both Tom and Mickey remember Suede if they joined the site after he went into his mission?
    • Simple: they were fans of the site before joining.
  • And so long as questions about songs are okay, the names of the theme songs for Animenia and AMV Heaven would be much appreciated.
    • AMV Heaven's is Smack My Bitch Up by The Prodigy, and the Animenia one I don't know but the singer's voice sounds like Imogen Heap's.
  • What's the update rate for Suede, Jew Wario and Linkara's crossover review of the Pokemon movies? Is there one, or is it like History of Power Rangers and is released when it's done?
  • I recognize most of the shows in Suede's Top 11 American anime opening, but what's the one right before Ben 10? The one with the dark-haired kid glaring at the camera before...being shot? It at least looked like it.

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